Welcome to the new, combined website. It brings together some of my favourite projects from 'The Intuitive Lens' monochrome photography site with other musings on lessons learned from the University of Life that, over the years, I've felt exercised enough to 'whittle on'. I hope you enjoy viewing the site as much as I am enjoying contributing to it.

On the photographic front, I‘ve always been both attracted to and beguiled by the visual impact, darker mood and sense of emotional 'story-telling' that monochrome rendering bestows on an image, so this site is unashamedly somewhat dominated by my continued efforts to capture some of life’s more intriguing moments in black and white, although there is the occasional forage into the 'gravity-well' of colour.

Since I began this seemingly never ending photographic pilgrimage there's been an explosion of sites offering highly technical, in-depth equipment reviews; I don't do that here. But, I do want very much to share my experiences with whatever gear I am using, and to that end, I write occassional articles about specific cameras and lenses, illustrated with images from real projects - representative of real performance.